August 17, 2022

The most recent in the regarded list of summer Olympic host cities, Chinese capital Beijing has taken on another role in the worldwide awareness. The bustling modern capital of the People’s Republic of China was previously known as Peking, but in its new guise as Beijing, the city has formed into a progressive, modern high-rise city. 

The 2008 Olympic Games gave the Chinese new catalyst to address a large number of the issues with the city’s foundation just as environmental problems, such as the heavy pollution that have recently plagued the city. Presently, the true capital of a worldwide force, Beijing is a captivating mix of ultramodern high-rise lifestyle and incredible culture and history. 

Experience a portion of the modern culture of Beijing at China’s National Center for the Performing Arts, an iconic new opera house. Visit The Temple of Heaven, a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of an entrancing collection of 14thc Taoist buildings. 

Reasons Why You Should Go? 

As a particularly exotic and unfamiliar culture to Western eyes, holidays in Beijing are an exhilarating experience where you can experience incredible historical sites, contrasted out from, and the sights sounds, and smells of a modern Asian capital. Book flights to Beijing and expect the sudden in one of the world’s most noteworthy cities.

Best Time to Go? 

Beijing is quite a seasonal city with hot summers and cold winters. Summer temperatures can prove stifling with normal highs during the 30s and combined with poor air quality and humidity you can feel a lot more hotter. Humidity in this piece of the world is likewise a consideration. Spring is a good time to go to enjoy a milder climate and altogether lower humidity.

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How to Arrive There? 

Both BA and Air China offer non-stop flights to Beijing Capital International Airport (BJS), which is around 20 miles upper east of the downtown area. Those who are looking to go there? Just book hawaiian airlines reservations in any class and save up to 45% off on every flight.

However, Connections with the downtown area are accessible by means of cabs and the Beijing subway Airport Express Line. Beijing flights from regional air terminals, for example, Bristol, Leeds, and Newcastle are likewise accessible with KLM through Amsterdam. Emirates operates flights to Beijing via Dubai from both Birmingham and Glasgow. 

Attractions You Should See 

The most popular fascination in Beijing is the Forbidden City, a colossal castle complex with 9,999 rooms that once housed the administrative nucleus of China, just as being home to a few centuries of Chinese emperors. Close by is the popular Tiananmen Square, the world’s biggest city square, which is named after the Tiananmen Gate or “The Gate of Heavenly Peace” in Chinese, the magnificent entrance to the square built during the time of the Ming dynasty. The square acquired notoriety in 1989 when Chinese students entered the square to show against the government.

In the Nutshell

I hope this blog may inspire you and encourage you to plan a trip to Beijing. We ensure that it will definitely encourage you and boost your enthusiasm to visit this exciting place this upcoming vacation. So, just start planning for your next getaway and book a cheap flight ticket to Beijing with AirlinesMap. Known as one of the most choosable and trustworthy platforms for flight and hotel booking. 

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So, without any doubt? Get your flight booking done and surprise your family or friends with a wonderful trip and start enjoying vacation over there. So, do not forget to share your own personal experience with us. So that, it will encourage other travelers to plan their getaway as you do.