December 1, 2022

The greatest actresses are those who portray fictional characters in media such as film, television, animation, video games and theatre. These celebrities have won awards, made critics’ top lists and attained top billing. The list of favorite and greatest actresses is varied and largely reflects personal tastes. All these actresses possess a certain star quality that can’t always be easily defined. Lets have a look of Top 10 Greatest Actress of All Time, who gave 100% to the industry by their efforts.

Check out the list of the top greatest actress of all time –

#1. Meryl Streep

This iconic figure in the Hollywood film industry is a great example of beauty with talent. She is the most prolific and greatest living film actress who made her debut in the 1970s and has been ruling the big screen with her tremendous performance and top-class acting capability.

Age – 72

Height – 1.72 m , 5’8 inc

Weight – 58 kg

Movie name – Mamma Mia! , The Devil Wears Prada , Mamma Mia 2 , Death Becomes Her , It’s Complicated , I ponti di Madison County , Florence Foster Jenkins , Sophie’s Choice

Birthday – 22 June 1949

Awards :-

win three competitive acting Academy Awards
Golden Globe Awards
74th Golden Globe Awards
Cecil B. DeMille Award.[7]
British Academy Film Awards.[8]
53rd Berlin International Film Festival
David di Donatello for Best Foreign Actress
Valladolid International Film Festival
Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress,
69th Primetime Emmy Awards

#2. Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn

Born on May 12, 1907 in Hartford, Connecticut; she embarked on a successful career in the theater. In 1932, she made her film debut in the company’s A Bill of Divorcement and received star reviews for her performance and achieved stardom overnight.

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Age – 96

Height – 1.71 m , 5′ 7” inc

Weight – N/A

Movie name – The Philadelphia Story , The African Queen , Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner , On Golden Pond , Bringing Up Baby

Birthday – 12 May 1907

Death – 29 June 2003

Awards :-

Academy Awards
BAFTA Film Awards
Golden Globe Awards
Grammy Awards
Emmy Awards
Tony Award
Screen Actors Guild Awards
Festival awards
Critics awards
People’s Choice Awards

#3. Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman

She was a well-known Swedish actress who appeared in various American and European movies. Ingrid was honored with a number of awards including two Primetime Emmy Awards, three Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, a Tony Award and a BAFTA Award. Born on August 29, 1915 in Stockholm, Sweden; she emerged as the “Ideal of American womanhood” in Hollywood Cinema.  

Age – 67

Height – 1.75 m , 5.9 inc

Weight – 61 kg

Movie name – Casablanca , Notorious 1946 , Gaslight , Autumn Sonata , Stromboli (film) , Indiscreet , For Whom the Bell Tolls (film) , Anastasia 1956

Birthday – 29 August 1915

Death – 29 August 1982

Awards :-

Major Film Awards
BAFTA Awards
Golden Globe Awards
Major National Awards
César Awards (France)
Venice Film Festival
Golden Apple Awards
Tony Awards
Critics’ Awards
National Board of Review

#4. Bette Davis

Bette Davis

She is one of Hollywood’s legendary leading ladies who is famous for her appearance in nearly 100 films. Born on 5 April, 1908 in Lowell, Massachusetts; the American actress became one of the biggest stars in the Hollywood studio system. Davis is still known an icon for her performances in various movies and attractive persona both on and off the silver screen.

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Age – 81

Height – 1.61 m , 5.2 inc

Weight – 58 kg

Movie name – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? , All About Eve , Jezebel 1938 , Now, Voyager , Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte , Death on the Nile , The Letter

Birthday – 5 April 1908

Death – 6 October 1989

Awards :-

Academy Awards, USA
Primetime Emmy Awards
BAFTA Awards
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA
American Film Institute, USA
British Film Institute Awards
CableACE Awards
Cannes Film Festival
César Awards, France
Deauville Film Festival

#5. Olivia de Havilland

Olivia de Havilland

The actress is best known to win Academy Awards for her roles in ‘To Each His Own’ and ‘The Heiress.’ Born on July 1, 1916 in Tokyo, Japan; the actress spent much of her youth in California and moved there with her mother and younger sister, Joan.

Age – 104

Height – 1.6 m , 5.3 inc

Weight – 60 kg

Movie name – Gone with the Wind , The Heiress , The Adventures of Robin Hood , Captain Blood , To Each His Own 1946 , Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte , They Died with Their Boots On

Birthday – 1 July 1916

Death – 26 July 2020

Awards :-

Academy Awards, USA
Primetime Emmy Awards
CinEuphoria Awards
Elle Women in Hollywood Awards
Gold Derby Awards
Golden Apple Awards
New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Online Film Critics Society Awards
Photoplay Awards
Venice Film Festival

#6. Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh

She was a British actress who is popular for playing two of American literature’s most celebrated Southern belles, Scarlett O’Hara and Blanche DuBois. Born on November 5, 1913 in Darjeeling, India to an English stockbroker and his Irish wife; Vivien Leigh was fluent in both French and Italian.

Age – 53

Height – 1.60 m , 5.3 inc

Weight – 54 kg

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Movie name – Gone with the Wind , A Streetcar Named Desire , Waterloo Bridge , Ship of Fools , That Hamilton Woman , Anna Karenina 1948 , Caesar and Cleopatra , Fire Over England

Birthday – 5 November 1913

Death – 8 July 1967

Awards :-

Academy Awards, USA
BAFTA Awards
Faro Island Film Festival
Golden Globes, USA
National Board of Review, USA
New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Online Film & Television Association
Sant Jordi Awards
Venice Film Festival
Walk of Fame

#7. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

The Actress and humanitarian is a star of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s who remains one of Hollywood’s greatest style icon. She was an actress, fashion icon and philanthropist who was born in Belgium. Hepburn is one of the few actresses to win an Emmy, Tony, Grammy and Academy Award in her acting career.

Age – 63

Height – 1.70 m , 5.7 inc

Weight – N/A

Movie name – Love in the Afternoon , Sabrina 1954 , Roman Holiday , Breakfast at Tiffany’s , My Fair Lady , Robin and Marian ,Funny Face , Charade

Birthday – 4 May 1929

Death – 20 January 1993

#8. Greer Garson

Greer Garson

Born on 29 September, 1904 in Manor Park, London, Eng.; Greer Garson is a motion-picture actress who is famous for her classic beauty. People know him well for her screen persona of elegance and poise. She became one of the most popular and admired Hollywood stars of the World War II era.

Age – 91

Height – 1.68 m , 5.6 inc

Weight – N/A

Movie name – Mrs. Miniver , Random Harvest , Pride and Prejudice , Goodbye, Mr. Chips , Madame Curie 1943 , Blossoms in the Dust , The Miniver Story

Birthday – 29 September 1904

Death – 6 April 1996

#9. Susan Hayward

Susan Hayward

She was an American actress who started as a fashion model but later became a successful Hollywood actress. She was a fighter and fighting with brain cancer for a long time ultimately took her life. Susan became the model image of a woman who won nominations for the ‘Oscar Award for Best Actress’ four times.

Age – 57

Height – 1.61 m , 5.3 inc

Weight – 57 kg

Movie name – I Want to Live! , I’ll Cry Tomorrow , Garden Of Evil , The Fighting Seabees , The Conqueror , They Won’t Believe Me , Rawhide , Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman

Birthday – 30 June 1917

Death – 14 March 1975

#10. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Actress Elizabeth Taylor made her film debut in One Born Every Minute (1942) and won Academy Awards for her work in Butterfield 8 (1960) and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1965). She was quite popular for her marriages, jewelry collection and stunning violet eyes. Born on February 27, 1932 in London, England; Taylor accepted the characters that have showcased her beauty.

Age – 79

Height – 1.60 m , 5.3 inc

Weight – 64 kg

Movie name – Cleopatra , Cat on a Hot Tin Roof , Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf , Giant , National Velvet , The Flintstones , BUtterfield 8 , A Place in the Sun

Birthday – 27 February 1932

Death – 23 March 2011

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