December 1, 2022

Every film industry has its best actors and actresses. Fans always want to know about the top list of actors of their respective industries. So, if you’re a fan of Chinese film stars then we are here for you. The list of the top 10 male Chinese Actors was announced by a popular social media account “Star Power List ” under Shanghai Zixiao Cultural Media Center in 2022.Have a look of Top 10 Actors of China.

The list is based on the data unified from Baidu, Weibo, Wechat, and other leading social media platforms. It includes young male actors ( all between 24 to 34) who are impressive and have a strong fan base. So, let’s get started.

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#1. XIAO Zhan

XIAO Zhan ( Sean Xiao ) is in the top three of the “Star Power list “. With an impressive appearance, he has ranked first in the 2019 TCCAsia’s Most Handsome faces in Asia list. He has appeared in many popular series in the leading role which includes Super Star Academy (2016), Oh! My Emperor (2018), The Wolf (2020) and got recognized for his co-starring role in “The Untamed ” by Netflix.

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XIAO Zhan net worth:-

$3 Million – $5 Million Dollars

XIAO Zhan movies :-

Jade Dynasty , Monster Hunt 2 , The Rookies 2019

XIAO Zhan height :-

1.83 m , 6 inc

XIAO Zhan weight :-

70 kg

XIAO Zhan age :-


XIAO Zhan birthday :-

5 October 1991

Awards :-

25th Cosmo Beauty Ceremony
Tencent Video All Star Awards
Tencent Music Entertainment Awards
2020 WeTV Awards
China Literature Awards Ceremony
China Screen Award
Sina Film & TV Awards
Sofa Film Festival
TCC Asia The 100 Most Influential Faces of 2020
100 Asian Heartthrobs 2021 Starmometer

#2. WANG Yibo


Wang Yibo, the most popular actor, singer, and dancer of China was recently appointed as 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics ambassador by the Chinese government. Wang was also awarded as ” Hot Figure of the year ” for two consecutive years at the Weibo Awards Ceremony and won “Douyin God” and “All-around Artist of the year” at Douyin night 2021. He also appeared in “The Untamed “.

WANG Yibo net worth :-

$1 Million – $3 Million

WANG Yibo movies :-

Crystal Sky of Yesterday , Unexpected Love , A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three , MBA Partners , Legend of Fei Film

WANG Yibo height :-

1.80 m , 5.11 inc

WANG Yibo weight :-

59 kg

WANG Yibo age :-


WANG Yibo birthday :-

5 August 1997

Awards :-

Top Chinese Music Awards
Asian Influence Awards Ceremony
Weibo TV Online Video Awards Ceremony
ifeng Fashion Choice
Sina Best Taste
Tencent Video All Star Awards
Jinri Toutiao Awards Ceremony
Weibo Awards Ceremony
Hunan TV Award
NetEase Indie Music Award

#3. ZHU Yilong

ZHU Yilong

Zhu Yilong first gained popularity from the romance drama “Love for three Lifetimes ” in 2014. He played the head of the wealthy family and sang the series theme song “Heng Xing ” as well. The performance won him the ” “Most Anticipated Actor Award” at the Asian Influence Awards Oriental Ceremony. In 2018, Zhu starred in the fantasy web drama “Guardian” for which he won a popular actor award at the Weibo Awards Ceremony.

ZHU Yilong net worth :-

$2 Million to $6 Million

ZHU Yilong movies :-

1921 , My People, My Country , Eternal Wave , Yang and His Summer 2017 , Voyeur , The Nursery , Ai Qing Bu NG , Legend of the Daming Palace

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ZHU Yilong height :-

1.80 m , 5.11 inc

ZHU Yilong weight :-

64 kg

ZHU Yilong age :-


ZHU Yilong birthday :-

16 April 1988

Awards :-

Asian Influence Awards Oriental Ceremony
TV Drama South Awarding Ceremony
InStyle iLady Icon Awards
Weibo Movie Awards Ceremony
Q China Music Awards
Powerstar Award Ceremony
China TV Drama Awards
Weibo Awards Ceremony
China Quality Television Drama Ceremony
Golden Spider Academic Award

#4. Ren Jialun

Ren Jialun

Ren Jialun was previously a professional tennis player but he quit the sport due to injuries. Later he participated in Hunan’s singing competition “Super Boy”. He debuted in 2016 in the xianxia series “Noble Aspirations”. His fame grew from the 2017 historical drama series “The Glory of Tang Dynasty “.

REN Jialun net worth :-

$1.5 Million

REN Jialun movies :-

Under the Power Lu Yi , The Glory of Tang Dynasty Li Chu , Miss Crow and Mr. Lizard Gu Chuan , Cicada of Autumn Ye Chong , Actor. Love a Lifetime , Cicada of Autumn Ye Chong , Under the Power Lu Yi , Actor. The Glory of Tang Dynasty Li Chu

REN Jialun height :-

1.78 m , 5.10 inc

REN Jialun weight :-

64 kg

REN Jialun age :-


REN Jialun birthday :-

11 April 1989

Awards :-

Golden Eagle Awards, China
Hengdian Film Festival of China
Huading Award
Iqiyi TV and Movie Awards
The Actors of China

#5. Deng Lun

Deng Lun

Deng Lun, a graduate of Shanghai Theatre Academy, gained fame from the fantasy romance drama “Ashes of Love ” in 2018. The show represented Deng Lun’s third time co-starring with the award-winning actress Yang Zi. Before this, they appeared together in ” Flowers in Fog ” and “Ode to Joy 2”.

DENG Lun net worth :-

$1.5 Million

DENG Lun movies :-

The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity , Skate Into Love Film , Ashes of Love Film , qing ya ji ,

DENG Lun height :-

1.84 m , 6.0 inc

DENG Lun weight :-


DENG Lun age :-


DENG Lun birthday :-

21 October 1992

#6.  LI Xian

LI Xian

Li Xian, after graduating from Beijing Film Academy, played his first leading role in ” Tientsin Mystic ” in 2017 and by the show, he won the ” Most Popular Actor Award” at Netease awards. He also starred in “Go Go Squid”. In 2020, Li was awarded “Breakthrough Actor of the year” at the Weibo Awards and made his CCTV Spring Festival Gala debut.

LI Xian net worth :-

$1 Million to $2 Million dollars

LI Xian movies :-

Zhong Guo Xing Jing , Schemes in Antiques , Soul Snatcher , Love Song 1980 , Leap , The Enigma of Arrival , The Captain , Big Shots

LI Xian height :-

1.85 m , 6.1 inc

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LI Xian weight :-


LI Xian age :-


LI Xian birthday :-

19 October 1991

Awards :-

Busan International Film Festival
Hengdian Film Festival of China
Huading Award
Iqiyi TV and Movie Awards
Sir Movie Cultural And Entertainment Industry Award
The Actors of China

#7. LI Yifeng

LI Yifeng

Li Yifeng gained extensive attention from the film “Animal World ” in 2018. Before that he appeared in “Mr. Six ” and for that role, he won the best-supporting actor award at Hundred Flowers Award. His recent work includes the historical political TV series “Fearless Whispers” and the modern workplace drama “Wait in Beijing “.

LI Yifeng net worth :-

$1-5 Million

LI Yifeng movies :-

Yun Shang Zhi Ren , Mirror: Twin Cities , Light on Series: Day Breaker , The Glory of Youth , Fearless Whispers , Wait in Beijing

LI Yifeng height :-

1.81 m , 5.11 inc

LI Yifeng weight :-


LI Yifeng age :-


LI Yifeng birthday :-

4 May 1987

#8. Zhang Xincheng

Zhang Xincheng

Zhang Xincheng is one of the few Chinese actors fluent in English. He was dubbed for the English trailer of the hit sports romance “Skate into love” in 2020. He started his acting from the TV drama “Shuttle Love Millennium” in 2016 and appeared in many romance dramas including “My Huckleberry Friends” in 2018 and “Young Blood ” in 2019.

ZHANG Xincheng net worth :-

$1.5 Million.

ZHANG Xincheng movies :-

School Bus , Fool , Dong Ri Seventeen , Chosen , Intelligent Machines Girlfriend

ZHANG Xincheng height :-

1.80 m , 5.11 inc

ZHANG Xincheng weight :-


ZHANG Xincheng age :-


ZHANG Xincheng birthday :-

24 August 1995

#9. LUO Yunxi

LUO Yunxi

Luo Yunxi graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy with a major in Ballet and became a dance instructor and singer in the JBOY3 bands. He became popular from his role in “My Sunshine”. He followed up in many romance dramas including “The Winter is Love” and “Love is Sweet “.

LUO Yunxi net worth :-

$2 Million to $3 Million dollars

LUO Yunxi movies :-

Light Chaser Rescue , Talk To Your Heart , Immortality , The Ten Years I Liked You , Medical Examiner Dr. Qin 4: Corpse Whisperer , Lie to Love , Step by Step Lotus

LUO Yunxi height :-

1.77 m , 5.9 inc

LUO Yunxi weight :-


LUO Yunxi age :-


LUO Yunxi birthday :-

28 July 1988

#10. CHENG Yi


Cheng Yi graduated from one of the top universities of China, the Central Academy of Drama in 2012. He started his career with the horror film “Haunting Love “. After four years, he again gained attention from the xianxia series “Nobel Aspirations”. His recent works include “Love and Redemption” which premiered in August 2020.

CHENG Yi movies :-

The Imperial Age , Ai Zai Feng Qi Yun Yong Shi , Agarwood Like Crumbs , Deep Lurk , General Order , Dream of Chang’an

CHENG Yi height :-

1.80 m , 5.11 inc

CHENG Yi weight :-


CHENG Yi age :-


CHENG Yi birthday :-

17 May 1990

#11. Wang Yibo

Chinese actor, dancer, musician, rapper, TV personality, and professional motorcycle racer Wang Yibo was born on August 5, 1997. In 2014, he made his debut with the South Korean-Chinese boy band Uniq. He is most known as an actor for his parts in the TV shows Legend of Fei (2020), Luoyang, Gank Your Heart, The Untamed, and Love Actually (2017). (2021). Wang was placed second in 2021 and has consistently been on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list.

Wang Yibo Height: –

5 ft 10½ in

Wang Yibo Weight: –

59 kg

Wang Yibo Age: –


Wang Yibo Birthday: –

August 5, 1997