November 29, 2022

Without comfortable footwear, it is difficult to enjoy anything, isn’t it? So, you need comfortable footwear like Frankie 4. Did you know that the Australian footwear market revenue had hit $2.8 billion in 2020? This is because a number of people shopped for comfortable footwear online during the pandemic.

The Australian footwear market revenue is only rising considering the boost in people looking for comfortable and cozy footwear. People these days prefer comfort over style and sometimes a combination of both. So, how do you choose the right comfortable yet stylish footwear for yourself? Read this article for tips.

5 Tips to Choose the Right Footwear

When looking for new footwear, you need to consider many things to ensure you get the proper footwear. Here are some tips to follow when choosing your footwear:

Ensure your Footwear is of the Right Size

First and foremost, your footwear needs to be of the correct size. This means it needs to fit your arch, toes, and entire feet properly and leave wiggle room for your toes.

Ideally, once you wear your footwear, you must be able to move your toes around to ensure circulation. Plus, you must ensure you get the right shape of footwear to match your feet.

Get A Footwear with Firm Foundation

The footwear you buy must have a firm foundation. This means when you bend the toe portion, it should bend, albeit little. However, when you bend the heel portion, it shouldn’t fold at all. If you notice the toe portion bending all the way, it means the foundation is soft.

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Footwear with a firm foundation ensures you get the proper support for your feet, preventing backaches and knee problems.

Look For Laces

When looking for footwear, look for shoes with laces. They will help you support your feet, and they will be comfortable. It ensures that the footwear remains firmly on your feet and won’t come off your feet when you indulge in your favourite activities.  Plus, you can get colourful laces that can make your footwear look stylish.

Ensure You Get Arch Support

When looking for footwear, you need to get shoes that have proper arch support. It needs to shape up and sit on your arch correctly to support it. Having arch support offers you stability and gives you a greater balance. Plus, the shoes shouldn’t be flat because a flat sole can make you get back pain and arch pain.

Try To Avoid Heels

If you are looking for comfortable shoes, you must avoid heels. Heels can hurt your arch, back and knee. It’s best to pick up flat shoes when looking for comfortable shoes. Even if you wear heels to a certain venue because of the situation, ensure you have comfortable shoes to change into.


Choosing footwear is as important as choosing your gym wear. You need footwear that fits you perfectly and enables you to walk or run comfortably. Of course, you’ll want footwear that is comfortable yet stylish. Shopping for footwear in companies like Frankie 4 can be the best thing to do if you want stylish and comfortable shoes.

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Further, you need to ensure you follow the tips in this article to ensure you know the most comfortable and coziest footwear. Look for laces, firm foundation, appropriate arch support, and most importantly, pick the correct size.