December 1, 2022

The business arena is fast changing, largely due to the digital age we currently live in and rather than directly employing payroll staff, you can outsource the entire thing to a remotely located third party provider. It doesn’t matter what system you use, as the payroll specialist can integrate with any system, thus ensuring that your employees are paid the correct amount at the right time.

Flexible and scalable payroll solutions

Once you set up your payroll with the right 3rd party provider, you can address things like:

want to Business in the years
  • Employee benefits
  • Social security contributions
  • Taxable and non-taxable income
  • Recurring and non-recurring payments

Once everything is set up, payroll will be managed by remote experts, keeping you informed every step of the way. The system can be added to as your business expands, while things can also be scaled down according to the client’s needs. Total flexibility enables you to adapt your payroll solutions and you only pay for the services you use.

Additional monthly services

There are cash management services, such as dispersion of:

  • Worker salaries
  • Employee tax & social security contributions
  • BPJS contributions
  • Pension payments

The provider has the infrastructure to offer many payroll related services

Online confirmation

As the employer, you receive confirmation messages regarding salary, employee leave, sickness and all contributions, while the provider calculates all employee payroll; all you need to do is view and approve.  The processes handled include:

  • Payroll data collection for calculating salaries, timesheets and attendance records.
  • Calculating the correct amount of taxation to be paid by each employee.
  • Total leave balance.
  • All reporting – Salary amounts, timesheets, reports to head of finance, bank transfer details and much more.
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Reports and pay-slips are available online at any time, should you wish to check anything, while all taxation is automatically filed on your behalf. Click here for a beginner’s guide to setting smart goals.

24/7 online support

When your payroll is handled by a 3rd party provider, you have the luxury of 24/7 online support and should you have any queries, someone can deal with it on the spot. This is perfect for foreign businesses, where there are not many employees and the remotely located payroll specialist can access the data they need.

Streamline your payroll processes

You can greatly reduce the amount of time spent on your payroll with automated solutions and with everything handled remotely, costs are kept to a minimum. There is a one-off process when your payroll service options are selected; then a monthly payroll service keeps everything up-to-date and your employees are paid on time.

If you are planning on setting up a business in a foreign country, you can outsource your payroll to a local company that provides many essential business services for foreigners.

There are many services offered by a business registration law firm to assist foreign businesses to operate in their country and you can join forces with such a provider with a Google search.