December 2, 2022

As we enter the second quarter of 2022, temperatures outside the house are also approaching that  summer peak. Indoors is the best place you can be at this time of the year. So why not give your living room decor a summer style makeover that will make you choose the comfort of your home over the outdoors. Summer is a time of exposure and a playful mood. You can incorporate those same moods in your living room decor too. Playing with summer colours like lemon yellow, coral, greens, and ocean blue can be fun. You can also incorporate decor elements following classic summer styles of coastal, tropical or nature-inspired vibes.

1. Coastal turquoise tones for a breezy summer feel

While looking for a living room makeover for the summer, the breezy coastal approach never goes out of style. A combination of turquoise blue with greyish or off-white elements always works for a breezy summer feel. To make the style complete, opting for coastal-style furniture and decor is a must. Woven bamboo wall hangings or lampshades are a go-to choice. For the walls, straight colouring or a combination of blue-grey or blue-off-white prints will do the trick. Aztec prints can add some quirky elements.

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2. Boho yellow hues for a bright sunny feel

Yellow walls for that bright summer feel are always a classic. You can introduce a yellow colour palette even in your existing living room decor. A paint of yellow on the walls calls for styling with a gallery of art scattered randomly across the space or in a specific pattern. You can also play with a number of elements in cerulean blue or coral to complement the yellow walls.

For example, placing a cerulean blue sofa or rug will bring out the boho feel of the room. You can also introduce gold finishes to your furniture to give a luxurious touch.

3. Peachy undertones for a refreshing summer feel

Summer elements in food and otherwise is all about that refreshing outlook. When the heat turns up outside, your refreshing indoors can work wonders on your mood too. Along these lines, incorporating peachy hues can bring out that refreshing feel. To complement the peach shade,  you can always work with floral prints combining peach, pastel green and light yellow.

4. Bright colour combinations of blue, green, yellow and red

If all else fails, a combination of different shades of blue, green, yellow and red can add a tropical pop of colour to the summer living room decor. For small living room spaces of studio apartments, this is the best style for a summer makeover.

Try white walls with a pop art gallery with a cosy loveseat sofa. Brightly hued cushion pillows strewn over the sofa and some contemporary style decor make for an appealing summer living room. This style also accounts for an easy-to-achieve makeover goal. While keeping a few decor elements in simple white colour, you can mix and match any number of bright colours to make it pop!

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5. Deep green colour for that tropical summer feel

So, what if you can’t venture outside more due to the heat? Bring the outdoors inside by introducing a variety of plant home decor in the living room. For that tropical feel of summer,  go for a deep green wall colour with white and brown undertones. On the other hand, you can also go for a pastel pink or rose gold combination with deep green hues and gold touches.  Sandy or earthy yellow colors in combination with the above-mentioned colours can also count for a hit summer makeover for the living room.

Try these brilliant options and your walls are sure to attract some attention. Give your walls a much-needed makeover to create a beautiful space that you can appreciate all summer long.