December 1, 2022

Film Industry has developed over time, becoming more than just an art form and expanding into the realms of commerce. That is why, in today’s world, the desired title of the highest-paid actor is so important. Every film business nowadays makes millions and billions of dollars, and Kannada is no exception. The Kannada cinema industry, often known as Sandalwood has its own top ten actors. These actors charge some enormous amounts due to their exceptional ability and massive celebrity power. The top ten Kannada actors, whose income and fame are equal to Bollywood actors, are listed below.

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#1. Yash

This Rockstar of Sandalwood is presently leading the list of Kannada male actors with the most Instagram followers. With the phenomenal success of KGF: Chapter 1, Yash became an immediate national celebrity crush. With his film’s success, the number of people that follow him grew tremendously. Yash now has 5 million Instagram followers.

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Yash net worth :-

$ 5 million

Yash movies :-

Lucky , Heart Attack 3 , Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari , Googly , Raja Huli , The Big Lion – Gajakeshari , Masterpiece , Rambo Straight Forward

Yash height :-

1.80 m , 5.11 inc

yash weight :-

75 kg

Yash age:-


Yash birthday:-

08 January 1986

Awards :-

Filmfare Awards South
IIFA Utsavam
Zee Kannada Dashakada Sambhrama

#2. Puneeth Rajkumar

Born 17 March 1975, Puneeth Rajkumar is a popular Kannada actor, playback singer, television host, and producer. He has starred in 29 films and has acted in several others as a youngster. Bhagyavantha, Vasantha Geetha, Chalisuva Modagalu, Eradu Nakshatragalu, Bhakta Prahaladha, Yarivanu, and Bettada Hoovu received critical acclaim for their performances.

Puneeth Rajkumar net worth

50 Crore

Puneeth Rajkumar movies :-

Yuvarathnaa , Raajakumara , Appu , Natasaarvabhowma , Anjani Putra , Power , Doddmane Hudga , Chakravyuha , Rana Vikrama , Ninnindale , Milana , Arasu , James Film , Paramathma Jackie ,

Puneeth Rajkumar height:-

1.75 m , 5.9 inc

Puneeth Rajkumar Weight:-

77 kg

Puneeth Rajkumar age:-


Puneeth Rajkumar birthday :-

17 March 1975

Awards :-

Karnataka State Film Awards
National Film Awards
South Indian International Movie Awards
Filmfare Awards South
Suvarna Film Awards
South Scope Award
IIFA Utsavam

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#3. Sudeep


For his devoted admirers, he is simply known as “Kiccha,” and he is one of Kannada cinema’s prominent actors, having a 25-year career in the business. Sudeep is a well-known face in the Kannada film industry as well as other film sectors such as Telugu and Hindi. He is currently in the third position, with 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Sudeep net worth:-

100 Crore

Sudeep movies :-

Pailwan , Eega , Kiccha , Vikrant Rona , Hebbuli , Dabangg 3 , The Villain , Kotigobba 3 , Kotigobba 2 , Ranna , Maanikya , Huchcha , Kempe Gowda , Vishnuvardhana , Bachchan Kiccha Huccha

Sudeep height :-

1.85 m , 6.1 inc

Sudeep weight :-

80 kg

Sudeep age :-


Sudeep birthday :-

2 September 1971

Awards :-

Filmfare Awards South
Karnataka State Film Awards
South Indian International Movie Awards (SIIMA)
Nandi Awards
Suvarna Film Awards
Toronto After Dark Film Festival
Madrid International Film Festival
Film Fan’s Association Awards
CineMAA Awards
Vijay Awards

#4. Upendra


Upendra, who is an actor, director, writer, singer, and producer, is the finest multi-talented actor in Sandalwood. He started his career as an assistant director under Kashinath and made his acting debut in the film “Tarle Nan Maga.” He is one of the greatest directors who have dabbled in a variety of genres. Upendra is known for combining several genres to create a film.

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Upendra net worth :-

4-5 Million USD

Upendra movies :-

Upendra 1999 , A: Film by Upendra , I Love You 2019 , Uppi 2 , Super Star , Raktha Kanneeru , Preethse , Kalpana 2 , Upendra Matte Baa , Mukunda Murari , Kabza Film , Nagarahavu , Auto Shankar , Hollywood

Upendra height :-

1.75 m , 5.9 inc

Upendra weight :-

76 kg

Upendra age :-


Upendra birthday :-

18 September 1968

Awards :-

Filmfare Awards South
South Indian International Movie Awards

#5. Darshan Thoogudeepa

Darshan Thoogudeepa

Darshan, one of Kannada cinema’s most prominent current actors comes in the top 10 Sandalwood actors who can compete with Bollywood bigwigs in terms of compensation. Despite being a child star, Darshan began his career in soap operas and little roles.

Darshan Thoogudeep net worth :-

$12 Million

Darshan Thoogudeep movies :-

Roberrt , Yajamana , Darshan , Mr. Airavata , Jaggu Dada , Saarathi , Kariya (film) , Gaja , Tarak , Sangolli Rayanna , Ambareesha , Navagraha

Darshan Thoogudeep height :-

1.91 m , 6.3 inc

Darshan Thoogudeep weight :-

85 kg

Darshan Thoogudeep age :-


Darshan Thoogudeep birthday :-

16 February 1977

Awards :-

Filmfare Awards South

#6. Duniya Vijay

Duniya Vijay

Vijay Kumar B.R, also known as Duniya Vijay is a prominent Kannada cinema actor. Before landing his big break in Duniya, he began his career as a junior film artist in the industry, performing minor roles. He is has achieved fame for his roles in films such as Chanda, Duniya, Salaga, Maasthi Gudi, Ring Road, Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam, Junglee, and Jayammana Maga.

Duniya Vijay net worth :-

$ 56 Million

Duniya Vijay movies :-

Duniya , Salaga , Kanaka , Jarasandha , Shivajinagara, Kanteerava , Johnny Johnny Yes Papa , Bheema Theeradalli , Jayammana Maga

Duniya Vijay height :-

1.65 m , 5.4 inc

Duniya Vijay weight :-

67 kg

Duniya Vijay age :-


Duniya Vijay birthday :-

20 January 1974

Awards :-

Filmfare Awards South

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#7. Ganesh

ganesh actor

Born on July 2, 1978, Ganesh Kishan, also known as Ganesh is an eminent Kannada actor and television host best known for his work in Kannada cinema. He has established himself as one of Kannada cinema’s most popular celebrities and highest-paid actors through his work in films and television shows. He has won a number of accolades, including two Filmfare Awards.

Ganesh net worth :-

$11 Million

Ganesh movies :-

Mungaru Male , Geetha Chalo , Gaalipata , Mungaru Male 2 , Mugulu Nage , 99 , Maleyali Jotheyali , Cheluvina Chittara , Maduve Mane , Aramane

Ganesh height :-

1.70 m , 5.7 inc

Ganesh weight :-

59 kg

Ganesh age :-


Ganesh birthday :-

2 July 1980

#8. Shiva Rajkumar

Shiva Rajkumar is another actor who has long been regarded as one of Kannada’s top ten actors. Shiva has delivered a number of films that have gone on to become landmarks in the Kannada cinema industry as well as breaking box office records. He was awarded the 2011 NTR National Award, establishing him as a sensation across India.

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Shiva Rajkumar net worth :-

$25 million.

Shiva Rajkumar movies :-

Tagaru , The Villain , Om 1995 , Bhajarangi , Jogi , Vajrakaya , Bhajarangi 2 , Lakshmi , Kavacha , Ratha Sapthami , Appu , Kaddipudi

Shiva Rajkumar height :-

1.73 m , 5.3 inc

Shiva Rajkumar weight :-


Shiva Rajkumar age :-


Shiva Rajkumar birthday :-

12 July 1962

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#9. Ajay Rao

Ajay Rao

Ajay Rao (also known as Krishna Ajay Rao) is an Indian actor who is famously known for his work in Kannada films. Excuse Me, a 2003 hit film, catapulted him to stardom. Excuse Me was Ajai Rao’s first film. He made his debut as a producer with Krishna Leela creating his own label, Shree Krishna Arts And Creations.

Ajay Rao net worth :-

$85 million

Ajay Rao movies :-

Krishna Leela , Krishnan Love Story , Endendigu , Excuse Me 2003 , Krishna-Rukku , Krishnan Marriage Story , Dhairyam , John Jani Janardhan , Krishna Talkies ,, Rose

Ajay Rao height :-

1.78 m , 5.10 inc

Ajay Rao weight :-

72 kg

Ajay Rao age :-


Ajay Rao birthday :-

24 January 1980

#10 Prem Kumar

prem kumar actor

Prem Kumar, often known as Prem, is an Indian cinema actor who primarily appears in Kannada films. In 2004, he made his acting debut in the film Praana. He did, however, get widespread acclaim for winning the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for the movies Nenapirali and Charminar. In Kannada movies, he is known as Lovely Star.

Prem Kumar net worth :-

$1 Million – $5 Million

Prem Kumar movies :-

Nenapirali , Charmina , Male , Pallakki , Dalapathi , Jothe Jotheyali , Chowka , Fair & Lovely 2014 , Gunavantha Athi Aparoop , Mast Mohabbat

Prem Kumar height :-

1.83 m , 6 inc

Prem Kumar weight :-

75 kg

Prem Kumar age :-


Prem Kumar birthday :-

18 April 1976

#11. Shankar Nagarakatte

Shankar Nagarakatte, an Indian actor, screenwriter, director, and producer best known for his work in Kannada-language movies and television, lived from 9 November 1954 until 30 September 1990. Malgudi Days, a television series based on the short stories of author R. K. Narayan directed and starred in it.

Shankar Nagarakatte Height: –


Shankar Nagarakatte Weight: –


Shankar Nagarakatte Age: –


Shankar Nagarakatte Birthday: –

9 November 1954

Awards: –

For his performance in the movie Ondanondu Kaladalli, Nag won the first-ever IFFI Best Actor Award (Male): Silver Peacock Award at the 7th International Film Festival of India. An Indian Marathi film that won a national prize, 22 June 1897, was co-written by him. He is the actor Anant Nag’s younger brother. Shankar’s performance in Ondanondu Kaladalli, in the opinion of Vincent Canby, The New York Times’ top film reviewer, has the energy and humor of the youthful Toshiro Mifune.