December 1, 2022

Lip fillers are a straight-forward non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can offer a confidence boost like no other. These simple injections offer the ability to add volume, smooth wrinkles, or even change the shape of lips.

Dermal lip fillers are most popular among women who want fuller, more youthful appearing lips but they are available to anyone who wants them. The entire procedure is performed in about an hour from start to finish and the beautiful results can last up to a year.

If you’ve ever considered lip fillers like the Russian Lip or the Fencing Technique, there is no time like the present. Here’s what you need to know about what to expect and why it may be a great idea.

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All About the Procedure

Whether you’re looking to restore volume, inject a boost of hydration, or achieve more symmetry, lip fillers can help you realize your goals. Lip fillers are one of the most popular non-invasive dermal procedures requested today and with good reason. The wide variety of options allows doctors to completely customize each patient’s treatment plan to realize their individual objectives.

Really, lip fillers are just a series of injections. Your own personal goals will dictate both the number and location of the injections. For instance, achieving that plump pouty look means you can probably expect several smaller injections in multiple spots of both the upper and lower lips. Establishing a sharper Cupid’s bow means you can expect injections along the upper lip line.

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Lip Fillers Are a Safe Cosmetic Procedure

The most common lip fillers used today are hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Doctors tend to favor this technique because the results are temporary, reversible, and somewhat natural. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the eyes, skin, and joints of the body to keep these areas lubricated. When the lab-made version is injected into the lips, it immediately attracts water which adds volume. So, while you are technically having a cosmetic procedure performed, you are also encouraging the body to naturally work toward your personal desires.

Benefits of Lip Fillers

Lip fillers offer a range of benefits, many of which have been discussed previously. One thing about this procedure is that patients tend to love the results they see when they leave the office. Just a few injections offer immediate change and an instant confidence boost. Another big benefit of lip fillers is the ability to make gradual modifications to the appearance of your lips. You can schedule a series of injections that will allow you to make bigger changes gradually over time.

As you increase the volume of your lips by injecting a hyaluronic acid-based solution, it helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles not only in your lips but in the smile area around them. This procedure helps provide a younger, more youthful appearance. The injections are a micro-trauma that also tends to promote natural collagen production in the injection area.

The act of consistently pricking the skin on the lips to create pinholes with a small needle encourages natural collagen production at the cellular level. By stimulating collagen production with small micro-punctures, the body naturally begins to smooth fine lines and increase definition in the area. Not only do lip fillers allow you to define your appearance but they help the body naturally begin to turn back the hands of time.

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Lip fillers are not just a vanity measure. There have also been instances where children have been born with a slight deformity or super thin lips that could impair speech and social development. Lip fillers can be used as a corrective procedure that is much easier on a child than an invasive augmentation. There’s no need for anesthesia or a long recovery time.

Loving the Skin You’re In

There are lots of reasons that lip fillers may be a good idea. It’s a safe, quick cosmetic procedure performed in the office that offers instant results. You can schedule multiple procedures to make big changes gradually using a substance already found in your body. The best part is that it is easily reversible if you are unhappy with the results for any reason. Otherwise, you can take some time to love the skin you’re in using lip fillers to define one of your best features and help roll back the hands of time.