October 1, 2022

In this blog we are going to tell you about Forge Cleric 5e, so read this blog carefully to get the complete information.

What is a Forge Domain Cleric?

Found in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Forge Domain clerics are artisans that draw their power from a god of forging, metallurgy and fire. Their subclass features and expanded spell list deal mainly with fire damage and metalworking. Forge Cleric 5e is the most powerful in all the classes of its domain and worships the following daemon:

  • The Gond
  • The Reorx
  • The Onatar
  • The Moradin
  • The Tharmekhul
  • The Darahl firecloak
  • The Mythrien sarath
  • The Hephaestus
  • The Goibhniu

Quirks of Forge Cleric 5e include –

  • The Blessing of the Artisan.
  • The Blessing of the forge.
  • The Strike of the Divine.
  • The saint of forge and fire.
  • The soul of the forge.

Strengths –

  1. Forge Domain clerics have access to heavy armor and great damage-dealing spells.
  2. They are quite active in battle with a hammer in one hand and a shield in the other. They can easily switch between dealing damage and supporting their party.

Weaknesses –

  1. Forge Domain clerics want high STR for heavy armor attacks and damage. In addition, they need high CON for tanking and high WIS for spell casting. They are observed as a very multi-ability dependent (MAD) build.
  2. Forge Domain Clerics usually want at least one feat in War Caster.
  3. They rely on spells for damage output. In short, Forge Domain clerics have access to Heat Metal, Spiritual Weapon and Spirit Guardians, which are amazing multi-turn damage spells.

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The Blessing of the Artisan –

It is given to Forge Cleric when he reaches the second level of the game with an immense amount of creativity. The best things that you can use in The Blessing of the Artisan are as follows:

  • You can use armor, metal objects and martial weapons.
  • You can also use different sets of tools.
  • You can also employ repair gear.

The Blessing of the forge –

The Blessing of the forge is given when he is at level one with different bonuses and on various items. There are some items on which you cannot avail of the bonus which include:

  • The magical weapons.
  • Shields.
  • Simple barring weapons.
  • Martial barring weapons.

The Strike of the Divine –

The Strike of the Divine gives you an extra bonus to heal your wounds quickly without using any additional material or items.

The saint of forge and fire –

The saint of forge and fire is the most strong and powerful quirk in the Forge Cleric 5e. It is given when you reach the 17th level of the game. Here, you will be given different metals and fire with additional immunity against damage at this level.

The soul of the forge –

The soul of the forge is the most powerful, exciting and fantastic quirk in Forge Cleric 5e. It is given to you when you reach level 6th and will help you get remarkable abilities at this level. A +1 bonus is given when you wear heavy armor at level 6th.

Different races for Forge Cleric 5e –

Check out our guide to races which are limited by the setting and source material chosen by the DM. We have discussed some of the best options for Forge Domain Clerics from the standard races:

  1. The Firblog – It is a human with a gigantic, mighty and strong figure. He has various powerful abilities like +1 strength and +2 wisdom. 
  2. The genasi – It is also a human with various powerful and remarkable abilities along with a lean figure. The abilities of Genasi depend on the selected subrace by the gamer.
  3. The goliath – It is also a human with strong, remarkable abilities and various powers including +2 strength and +1 constitution. Also, he has the ability to heal wounds without the help of any shield. The goliath gets an extra bonus +12 constitution after healing the wound damage.
  4. The half orc – You will get +1 constitution and +2 strength. Relentless Endurance keeps you in the fight to save your friends. Being the most challenging point, your wisdom is fundamental here. Otherwise, you will lose the game.
  5. The hill dwarf – It is the best race in Forge Cleric 5e. He is a quintessential craftsman who can easily face the heavy armors. Also, he can heal wounds quickly.

Different spells for Forge Cleric 5e –

All the spells are remarkable and powerful and includes:

  1. Heart weapon
  2. Animate objects
  3. Decent
  4. Standard shield
  5. Plate mail
  6. When you reach level 3rd, you will be rewarded with a Great spell.
  7. When you reach level 9th, you will be rewarded with a Notorious spell.

Various bonuses offered in Forge Cleric 5e –

  1. When you are at level 1st, you will get smith’s tools and heavy armor, an excellent option for getting energy. Also, they will give you an additional 18 AC power.
  2. Smith tools are the best bonus that you can achieve in Forge Cleric.
  3. AC bonus is compulsory for the survival of Forge Cleric in the game.
  4. Getting bonuses at different levels also increases your rate of survival.
  5. At the upper levels, you also get a bonus in the form of plate mail and a standard shield.

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Weapon comparison in Forge Domain –

At different levels, you will get the following DPR:

  1. Level 1st: 10.9 DPR.
  2. Level 2nd: 10.475 DPR
  3. Level 3rd: 10.05 DPR
  4. Level 4th: 9.625 DPR
  5. Level 5th: 9.2 DPR
  6. Level 6th: 8.775 DPR
  7. Level 7th: 8.35 DPR
  8. Level 8th: 7.925 DPR
  9. Level 9th: 7.5 DPR
  10. Level 10th: 7.075 DPR
  11. Level 11th: 6.65 DPR
  12. Level 12th: 6.225 DPR
  13. Level 13th: 5.8 DPR
  14. Level 14th: 5.375 DPR
  15. Level 15th: 4.95 DPR
  16. Level 16th: 4.525 DPR
  17. Level 17th: 4.1 DPR
  18. Level 18th: 3.77 DPR
  19. Level 19th: 3.25 DPR
  20. Level 20th: 2.825 DPR

Final words –

We have discussed all the abilities and powers along with the spells of Forge Cleric 5e in this article. Detailed information about Forge Cleric 5e has been given in the gaming category.

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