December 1, 2022

Would you be surprised to learn that approximately 1% of the US population has used anabolic steroids? Despite all of the media attention surrounding these drugs, they are still relatively popular in the general population.

However, a new compound has come along which may provide much of the benefit of steroids without as many risks. SARM powder may be an effective way to promote muscle growth in a safe way.

But most people wonder how to use SARM powder. And should they be using SARMs powder vs liquid?

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In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about how to mix SARMs powder into your supplement intake to maximize muscle growth.

What Is a SARM?

SARM stands for selected androgen receptor modulator. These are novel compounds with similarities to the anabolic steroid class of drugs. They provide similar input to the body to stimulate muscle growth and healing.

The exciting feature of these compounds is the potential to avoid nasty steroid side effects. Many people recognize anabolic steroids as dangerous to cardiovascular, liver, and sexual health. But SARMs have shown some potential for avoiding many of these negative complications. 

For individuals in the bodybuilding world, choosing a SARM may be a much safer way to achieve your goals. It’s important to note however that these drugs are considered supplements and not subject to meticulous regulatory approval in the same way other prescription medications are.

You’ll need to decide whether or not the benefits outweigh the risks given the limited research in and around the field of SARMs.

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How To Use SARM Powder

So you have decided you want to incorporate SARMs for sale into your supplement routine. But how exactly do you use SARM powder for maximum effect?

Ultimately taking SARM powder via an oral route is the most common way to use this compound. You can simply place the powder into your mouth and wash it down with water or a sports drink.

The challenge comes in actually measuring the amount of supplement you wish to ingest. Many people will invest in scales to ensure they are getting the proper dosage of medication. It is also possible to convert your powder into a liquid for more accurate and convenient supplement dosing.

Is a SARM Right For You?

At the end of the day, SARMs provide an interesting value proposition to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. They may provide much of the muscle-building potential of anabolic steroids without their negative side effects on cardiovascular and sexual health. While much research still needs to be performed, SARMs may provide an answer to this problem in the bodybuilding community.

Learning how to use SARM powder is simple. You can take SARMs in the form of powder after having weighed it on a scale. You can also take your SARM powder and convert it to liquid form. 

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