December 2, 2022

In today’s world, men and women are pushing 30 when they finally decide to walk down the aisle together. But that doesn’t mean you should rush — or delay — things to meet an expected timeline. After all, you’ll stand a better chance of having a happy marriage when you follow the signs of love.

But how do you know if your feelings for someone are the real deal? Read on to find a definitive guide explaining how to tell if you are in love!

Shared Interests Bring You Together

In the early stages of a relationship, you may feel like you’re performing. When you want to show your date that you’re invested in them, you could take up activities outside your comfort range. But when you’re falling in love, your relationship will be built upon shared interests.

Maybe it’s trivia night at the pub or a mutual love of group bicycle rides. Or it could be that you like reading together at the local coffee shop. Developing shared interests sets the foundation for a loving relationship and rich conversations.

You Depend on Your Partner

Falling in love means finding someone who’s a source of reliable support in your happiest and darkest moments. If you’re passed over for a promotion, for instance, do you turn to your partner for consolation and encouragement? Or if you’re dealing with stress over family issues, does your partner help you gain perspective?

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Leaning on a partner indicates a level of trust and respect that’s foundational to your relationship. When you have one choice for help during a sticky situation, you’ll choose the person with whom you are in love.

Happiness Becomes the Norm

A general state of happiness also could suggest that you are in love. Your normal state of being could be characterized by feelings of indifference or mood swings. But the right partner can trigger your endorphins and make you happier.

In fact, you may be craving your partner and in a state of limerence. When you look at the limerence meaning, you’ll see that it suggests a feeling of euphoria — and that’s a sure sign that you’re falling in love! You might even feel like the intense sense of longing is involuntary.

You’re Thinking About a Future Together

Looking for other clear signs of love? When your thoughts start drifting toward planning a future with your partner, you’re falling in love. 

You may start plotting what it would be like to move in with someone or get married. You may even be thinking about wedding party attire and flower arrangements. Thoughts that shift toward long-range planning tell you that you’re not just doing casual dating.

Know When You Are in Love

How do you know you are in love? If your thoughts often drift to your partner and the potential for a long-lasting relationship, you might just be falling in love. You’ll feel a greater degree of dependence on your partner, and develop a life together that’s built around shared interests.

Find more tips to guide your relationships. Check back for new articles!

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