December 1, 2022

Kids, these days, are very excited about joining social media and having fun. They want smartphones as early as they can get, they want their hands on social media apps, make accounts, and so anything that they wish to do to seek entertainment. While all they want is to have fun., this is not something that they would get from social media. With fun, comes a lot of risks especially when kids don’t know how to differentiate between good and bad.

Many parents are already concerned about their kids and are using cell phone spy apps to provide their kids with the best protection. Most parents are still naïve enough to think that social media is related to fun only and there is nothing wrong with it. But, somehow they forget that they are adults, and they know how to use it in the right manner. They know when to respond to strangers and when not. They know what sort of information is safe to share and what should be kept to oneself only. But, unfortunately, kids don’t know that and that is why they are on the verge of putting themselves in danger.

What Are the Digital Threats?

For the parents who don’t know what threats can come across their kids, here is some quick information about the things that are hurting the kids in multiple ways and parents don’t even know about it.


Cyberbullying is a real threat when it comes to the safety and protection of your kids. Cyberbullying might start on a lighter note but it can turn into a big disaster for kids who go too far in this humiliation. Kids who are humiliating each other can go on various levels to take revenge or just to have fun, but the victims can get hurt, usually taking intense steps to deal with the humiliation they are experiencing.

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Social media is the best platform for predators these days. They know that the kids join social media to seek approval, to make friends, and know that there are people who empathize with them. They know these insecurities of the kids, they come as their well-wishers, make them realize that they are honest with them, and then they make kids share things that they shouldn’t be sharing. This leads to further difficulties which then turn into a disaster for the kids.


Sexting is another by-product of using social media for fun. As soon as they join social media, they make new friends and new relationships as well. Soon these online relationships become too much demanding and that turns into sexting. Sexting is the sharing of inappropriate usually sexual stuff with each other in the name of relationships. Sexting can be entertaining at first, but it turns into a disaster quickly and that is how the kids suffer. Also, the stuff they share while sexting can be made public by the opposite party for the sake of revenge when the relationship is over.

You cannot just assume that your kid is innocent enough to never do anything bad and smart enough to deal with such things. You need to be sure that you know what your kids are doing and what are they going through. Using a cell phone spy is the best way to know what is going on and what could go wrong. The more you know your kids, the better you can do to protect them from these digital threats.

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