August 17, 2022

Choosing a houseplant may appear to be as simple as selecting a decision and taking it home, but there is much more to consider. Plants come in a range of temperaments, lifespans, and maintenance regimens, so your houseplants should suit your lifestyle and be as distinctive as your home. What better method to limit down your possibilities than to consult your astrological sign? When in doubt, consider the stars.

Aries: Bromeliad

Because Aries is a fiery sun sign, this plant is fitting. Bromeliads can flourish in any environment and have a reputation for withstanding and surviving the test of time.

Taurus: Heart: Leaf Philodendron

This low-maintenance plant kid, also known as the lover philodendron, looks great on a tabletop or hanging from the ceiling, where its long, green vines can swing down. The beautiful and heart-warming beauty of the heart-leaf Philo will be the perfect easy-to-care-for plant addition to your residence as a Venus-ruled Taurus who appreciates making their home snug and comfy.

Gemini: Golden Petra

The Golden Petra, like you, Gemini, is expressive, fascinating, and endowed with an enchanting innate charisma. The Petra is content to bask in the obscurity of indirect light, but she can also withstand the spotlight of direct light on occasion. She’s adaptive, just like you. Golden Petras, like Geminis, are inherently gregarious, appreciating the microbiota and humidity produced by being put alongside plants with similar care needs.

Cancer: Money Plant

These plant parents are sentimental individuals who lead with their hearts first. Cancers value family and find solace in a pleasant household. Because of its deep roots and abundance of positive energy, a beautiful money tree is an excellent choice for Cancers. If you’re a Cancerian sign, then buy money plants online to receive the benefit of this lucky plant. 

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Leo: Rubber Tree

Leos love to remain the centre of attention. They are bold, product and very courageous in nature, and hence they need a plant that matches such parameters. The rubber tree plant is known to be robust, and hence you can buy this plant for yourself. 

Virgo: Prayer Plant

 You’re precise about what you require, reclusive, and prefer things to be done a certain way. These characteristics of yours will assist you in relating to the prayer plant. They’re a popular houseplant choice because of their eye-catching patterns. Still, they’re also well-known for another intriguing reason. The leaves tend to fold up at night as if they were folding their hands in prayer. You can grasp the nature of this plant if you love withdrawing from the world and being alone with your thoughts. While prayer-plants are not difficult to care for, they do have specific requirements that must be met. Strict parameters will not bother you because you pay close attention to detail and can be thorough in your own right.

Libra: Monstera

A Libra’s diplomatic character is based on the need for balance and harmony. They are also known to like art and culture and sophisticated objects and activities in life. As a result, monstera, a popular choice among interior designers, is an obvious choice. The beautiful leaves with symmetrical cuts will make the plant look like a work of art in any room with moderate light.

Scorpio: Snake Plant

Snake plants are incredibly durable, with strong, upright leaves that end in a point. Snake plants can withstand a variety of climates. However, they dislike being overwatered. Water only when the soil is arid and on the side of letting them dry out. Snake plants may grow up to 4 feet tall and thrive in various lighting conditions, from low to high. They are known to be the best indoor plants online to keep in your living space. 

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Sagittarius: Jade

 This plant, also known as Crassula ovata, is regarded as a lucky plant tree. It is a succulent plant that requires little care. Sagittarius is similar in that they appreciate their space and like to be left alone for months while they are in their zone of adventure.

Capricorn: English Ivy

This plant, also known as Crassula ovata, is regarded as a lucky plant tree. It is a succulent plant that requires little maintenance. Sagittarius is similar in that they value their privacy and like to be left alone for months at a time as they are immersed in their world of adventure. Indoor ivy does require some extra care, so be prepared to conduct some pruning on occasion, keep your house at a constant temperature, and check how much light and water it receives. But you’re responsible, Cap, and it’s still relatively simple to care for, so I’m confident it’ll be alright.

Aquarius: String of Pearls

Aquarians are known for being original, intelligent, uncompromising, and eccentric. The unusual string of pearls plant complements the eccentricity of an Aquarian.

Pisces: ZZ Plant

Many people associate this sign with comprehension and forgiveness. Because of their everlasting compassion, Pisces might be your best consolation. As a result, a ZZ plant is the ideal companion for Pisces. These plants forgive when their parents forget to water them or don’t get enough light.

Even if you don’t believe in Astrology, you can still grow one or two for fun.