October 1, 2022

When you are very sick, you’ll visit a hospital to feel better. Even though this is a place of healing, it is teeming with germs that can make you even sicker if they are not cleaned up. 

Hospital cleaners are vital to the well-being of each patient that goes through a hospital. These essential workers are specially trained to clean surfaces and sterilize a room. 

We overview this important healthcare job in our guide below. 

Healthcare Cleaning Services 

When a person is sick or recovering from surgery, they are more susceptible to germs. A hospital cleaner goes through a room and makes sure that each surface is clean and free from viruses. 

A healthcare cleaner will clean every surface in a room, from the floors to the garbage cans. Common areas are also cleaned many times a day to keep them germ-free. 

Healthcare Cleaning Vs. Residential Cleaning 

Healthcare cleaners need specific knowledge of cleaning bodily fluids like blood. Blood and other fluid from the body can contain deadly pathogens. Because of this factor, each cleaner will get blood borne pathogen training before they start the job. 

Ensuring rooms are clean is of the utmost importance to a safe hospital. People who clean homes do not need to know how to clean up infectious fluids. There are also less specific guidelines for cleaning a house. 

How to Clean in a Healthcare Environment 

When you clean in a healthcare environment, you will use hospital-approved cleaners. These cleaners are usually more potent than household cleaners. 

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You will clean and disinfect every part of a room. The floors and walls are cleaned as well as any table or other surface. Even places like the hospital curtain track and bedside tables get cleaned. 

Once the cleaners disinfect the room, standard cleaning is next. Floors need vacuuming, and the windows get a good scrub. 

After the cleaners take care of the room, it is restocked of necessities. The cleaners will replace the paper towels and soap in the bathroom and empty the trashcan. 

Working as a Hospital Cleaner

Cleaning in healthcare is vital to the success of a hospital. If you work as a healthcare cleaner, you are key to keeping each patient healthy. 

Patients aren’t only in hospital rooms during daytime hours. If you take a hospital cleaning job, some shifts go through the night. 

Because of the knowledge and skill needed for this job, you will get paid more than a residential cleaner. Healthcare cleaners are also exposed to germs and other infectious fluids daily. This salary can make the extra training and risk worth it. 

Hospital Cleaners Are Vital to the Running of a Hospital 

The knowledge and skill that hospital cleaners bring are critical to a hospital. Without the expertise of these essential workers, a hospital wouldn’t be able to function. 

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