October 1, 2022

Geico and Progressive have very famous and profitable advertising campaigns. Geico has many popular ads on the market. There is the very popular Geico gecko, the Geico slogan of “So easy a caveman could do it,” that goes along with their caveman mascots. These Geico’s popular mascots, the cavemen characters, actually spawned their own TV show that was very shortly lived. Also, they have the stack of money; it’s the money you could be saving with Geico. On the other hand, Progressive has its personal spokesperson who works in the fictional store representing Progressive online. There, the spokeswoman explains all the ways you can save by switching to Progressive.

What Is the Better Cheap Car Insurance Company for You? 

Each of these companies has special offers that can help you in their own unique way.

Geico is able to offer lower rates than many of its competitors because it has much less employees to pay than the rest of them by having almost no field agents. Meanwhile, other companies, including Progressive, have a large number of field agents who take pay cuts and have to get paid themselves. 

On the other hand, Progressive does something unique that no other company can match. When shopping at Progressive, you can name your own price, and if you have a good driving record, they will match it to a reasonable extent. Progressive also compares the rates of every other auto insurance company to their own, showing you the many different companies and their quotes. Progressive will try and match the lowest offer you get and even help you find citizens insurance from another company just to be helpful.

So, which of them is better? In my personal opinion, there is nothing right or wrong with this answer; it all depends on your history and situation. However, it makes a lot of sense to say that it can save you a lot of time by skipping all the other companies and heading straight to Progressive. They will give you free quotes from all the cheap car insurance companies in your area. Save time and possibly money; just do it. There is simply no right or wrong.

Insuring a Smart Car with Progressive is Mighty Cheap!

The big question here is how do you secure a smart car? The answer is, well, pretty good. Since it’s hard to find a used smart car right now, that means you need to buy a new smart car. We should all know that car insurance is more expensive for newer vehicles than older ones. If you didn’t know well, now you know. 

So, a 2021 hummer will cost a pretty hefty amount on insurance, as will a new Mercedes Benz, a new 2021 Ford F-1 50, not to mention all of these cars are gas guzzlers. So not only will you pay a hefty insurance fee, but you’ll also pay that gas bill, not to mention the price of these vehicles. These are all expensive cars to buy, so it’s basically not a cheap idea to buy one of them.

On the other hand, a smart car only costs around $20,000 tops, and some of these smart cars only cost about 12,500. That is, the new models basically range from 12,00 to 20,000, any of which is a good deal for a new car. So, we know they save a lot of money on gas and price, but how much do you save on insurance?

Insurance companies, including Progressive, can even offer to buy now pay later car insurance for your smart vehicle. They decipher your payments by two main things: one is your driving record, and the other is the value of the car you are driving. So, if you buy a 40,000-dollar vehicle, the insurance is higher because the car’s value is higher. Now a 12,500-dollar smart vehicle will be hundreds cheaper than that big truck you just bought. So, insurance for a smart car might cost somewhere from $150 to $200, which might sound like a lot, but it really is not. Think about it; with a brand new 2022 smart car with zero miles, Progressive’s insurance rates can only go down unless you crash or get a ticket. Therefore, the Smart car is a pretty brilliant idea to me.

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