December 2, 2022

The fashion industry continues to employ various innovative moves that are tuned to what people need. Nowadays, we are able to access fashion products that really showcase our best qualities. At the same time, the products mask other qualities that we’d rather hide from strangers, or everybody else for that matter. The main goal behind such innovation is to bring out the best in every individual.

What are elevator shoes?

Elevator shoes are an innovation that has been sweeping the fashion world like a storm. Just as the name goes, the shoes give the wearer a subtle height increase, allowing them to look like they are naturally taller.

How are guidomaggi elevator shoes different from shoes with regular heels? Good question!

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They are specially designed to conceal an insole, the discreet reason why the wearer appears to be standing almost 5 inches their normal height. Elevator shoes are manufactured in different designs. Some may result in a height increase that is as subtle as 1.5 inches. The design determines the social setting that each shoe can be worn.

Elevators shoes come with numerous benefits. Their design is specific, in that, the shoe is meant to fulfill needs of different users. At the very least, an elevator shoe makes the wearer:

The primary objective of wearing an elevator shoe is to look taller. With the specially designed insole, the shoe does just that. The wearer manages to subtly and seamlessly introduce an additional 2 to 5 inches to their natural height.

One benefit of elevator shoes is often disregarded. In actual sense, the shoes do boost the self-esteem and confidence of the wearer. Tall individuals tend to be confident.

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When an individual’s height receives a boost, they are likely to feel more assured and confident of themselves. This applies in social, personal as well as professional settings.

Elevator shoes will provide a wearer with an improved posture. At the same time, the shoes provide support for their backs and knees. With the shoes, an individual is able to walk in a straighter posture, with squared shoulders as opposed to hunched ones. The overall result is an improved posture.

  • Makes it easy to reach areas that were previously difficult

Normally, one may feel that their height is holding them back from doing certain things. The need to achieve those extra inches is fulfilled by a pair of elevator shoes.

They are manufactured in various styles, and work as a safe, affordable and convenient solution.

The Bottom Line

While shopping for elevator shoes, you want to go for high quality options that resemble regular shoes. The only give away should be the presence of an insole. With that in mind, keep off bulky and untastefully designed shoes.

Premium elevator shoes are guaranteed to uplift your look and change your view on life. They don’t compromise on comfort despite the obvious height increase. If your goal is to appear taller and be more confident, consider gifting yourself a pair of elevator shoes.