November 29, 2022

Roughly 75% of consumers look at product photography when deciding to purchase a product. Product photos help assure people that they know what they’re buying.

They can’t walk into your ecommerce store and pick up the product themselves. They have to rely on your specs and product images to make a buying decision.

That’s why it’s so important to publish quality product photos that capture the essence of your products. You’ll get higher conversion rates and fewer returns.

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How can you make sure that your product photos get the job done?

Read on to learn the top product photography tips to make your images appealing to buyers.

Create a Photography Setup

You don’t need to invest in a photography studio to make great product photos. You do need to have some equipment to work with.

At the most basic level, you need to have a table, tripod, posterboard for a white background, and a window for natural lighting.

The camera itself isn’t as important as you think. You can start to take images on your phone and use a tripod adapter.

Lighting is the most important factor in product photography. Natural light works best, but if you don’t have an accessible window, invest in white-balanced lighting. You can get white foam boards to bounce light and limit shadows.

Don’t use standard overhead lights. Tungsten lights are warm and will make your images yellow. Fluorescent lights give your images a green look.

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Plan Your Shots

When you get a new product, you want to get it online as quickly as possible. That can cause you to rush through the product shoot.

You’ll end up with photos that don’t have the right angles, too much shadow, and stray items in the background.

A product shoot needs planning. Take your time to get it right.

Make a list of the products that you want to shoot. Draw up rough sketches and notes of the background, accessories, colors, and angles of the shots.

Be sure to know the requirements of ecommerce stores before you take pictures. For example, to list your products on Amazon, you need to have a white background.

Shooting for your website gives you more creativity. Play with color contrasts to make your products stand out.

Product Photography Tips for Post-Production

Product images can always use a little clean-up. You can edit your images to remove backgrounds, make certain features stand out, or remove imperfections in an image.

Learn about clipping and masking to make the most of your edits. This article on clipping path will help you master the post-production process.

Once you’re done with the edits, you can upload them and see more product sales.

Take Masterful Product Photos

Don’t overlook the importance of product photos. It can mean the difference between a product with mediocre sales and a product that sells out regularly.

Be sure to have a setup for product images and make a plan before your photo shoot. That eliminates errors and saves time in post-production.

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