December 1, 2022


Devops is regarded as the blend of developer and operations. It is offered in different stages along with an array of tools that further help in automating all these stages. To gain this expertise, you need to undergo the training and obtain the certification. This is where we come across DevOps Foundation Certification, which is an accredited credential for any professional who is keen on showcasing any competitive skills along with the subject matter that you need for becoming a successful DevOps professional. It is gained through different educational courses, assessments or through performance reviews. With all these things, the candidate ends up meeting the stringent standards and thus becomes the DevOps certified developer. 

Understanding the Devops Foundation Certification

It is a two day entry level course, which allows the student to get the introduction of Devops practices in different organizations. It is carried out to reduce the lead times, add more frequent deployment and high quality software production. It will help you in knowing the basic principles behind Devops and thus gain the right array of skills to place them into action. Also, the Devops Foundation certification course will help you learn the way top companies approach team dynamics, breaking down the organizational silos and automating infrastructure. Once you end the course, you will have the basic understanding of the core practices of the Devops team. 

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Besides, you will also get to know about the key ideas of Continuous Integration, testing security and Continuous Delivery along Three Ways and then be able to put some value while scaling Devops for the enterprise. The certification comes from the top institute that allows you to showcase their understanding level by qualifying the exam and at the same time even validate the expertise of students being a competitive Devops professional. KnowledgeHut is there to help the students to become a Premier Partner of the Devops Institute. In a nutshell, you are clear with all your foundational things about Devops. 

How can you get the Devops Foundation Certification? 

You can always add values to your knowledge and practice DevOps processes and concepts seeking some of the best and reputed DevOps Institute certifications like KnowledgeHut. Take time to validate your expertise as a DevOps professional with this program known as DevOps Foundation Certification. It allows you to take benefit of networking opportunities seeking the best in the industry. If you are still in two minds about how you get this certification, the following steps can help you in gaining the same, have a look: 

  • Get Trained by Enrolling – With reputed training institutes like KnowledgeHut, getting training becomes simple. You just have to attend 16 hours of training to get all the basic concepts covered. 
  • Take up the test – The next step is to take up the 40 multiple option question paper in one hour online exam. You can do it easily with the help of using the voucher offered with the courseware. Once you do it you can at least score 65 percent. 
  • Get the Devops Foundation Certification – All you need to do is to download the Devops Foundation certification and then start accelerating your DevOps career.
  • These simple steps can lead to reputed institutes like KnowledgeHut can help you access the degree. 

Why Join a Training Provider for the DevOps Foundation Certification?

Joining a reputed institute for DevOps Foundation Certification is important for obvious reasons. You get quality coaching, which helps in cracking your certification test. One of the top institutes in this regard include KnowledgeHut. The following are some of the key reasons why this institute can be a big boon for this program: 

  • Get opportunity to participate in Experiential Workshops – At KH, you get the chance to get engaged in different engaging activities, partial case studies, high energy workshops with hands-on learning. 
  • Get trained by the elite panel of experienced trainers – You can get trained by the skilled Devops trainer who are known to have managed enterprise software development. 
  • Continual Learning Support – At KH you get a wide range of learning resources including webinars, e-books, articles, tutorials and interviews. You get the best in your learning journey. 
  • Get connected to the Devops Resources and community – You get access to additional resources for learning at KH as you get the chance to join one of the largest active Devops communities. 

Thus you have ample of reasons to join the Devops Foundation Certification course. 

Who should consider this course? 

Now, the big question is should I join this course? Well, you are among the following people, the course is beneficial to you in a big way. Have a look at the people or profession who should join this course: 

  • Application Developers 
  • Automation Developers 
  • Business Analysts 
  • Business Managers 
  • Business Stakeholders 
  • Charge Agents 
  • Consultants
  • Devops Consultants and Engineers
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Integration Specialists
  • IT Directors
  • IT Managers
  • IT Operations
  • IT Team Leaders
  • Lean Coaches
  • Network Administrators
  • Operations Managers
  • Project Managers
  • QA professionals
  • Release Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Software Testers/QA
  • System Administrators
  • Systems Engineers
  • System Integrators
  • Testing professionals
  • Tool Providers

Besides these professionals, the DevOps who are willing to validate their expertise and experience in this field, or anyone who is keen on gaining the basic understanding of the same. 

The DevOps Foundation certification course- Things you will learn in it 

  • Philosophy behind DevOps – Helps in understanding how DevOps helps in getting rid of the hurdles found in between development and operations.
  • DevOps Concepts and Terminology – Get an idea about the key terminologies that can help you to remain on the same page along with your team with all the basic ideas, concepts and definitions. 
  • Core DevOps Principles – Learn to use continuous integration, testing, delivery, deployments, and monitoring to reduce the lead time, risks and costs.
  • Key DevOps Practices – You will learn things like development, testing, and operations, which are directed towards a common goal along with working with the inputs from each other.
  • Business Frameworks – It will help you learn the way DevOps is going to promote all the closer networks found in different lines of business, IT framework and development.
  • Technology Frameworks – You master the technology frameworks like Agile, ITSM, Lean and Value Stream Management.

The others can include CALMS Framework, Culture, Behaviours and Operating Models, Automation & Architecting DevOps Tool chains, Implementing DevOps, and Sharing, Shadowing and Evolving,

Final word 

DevOps Foundation Certification is an important course for professionals of different capacity and work. All you need is a reputed institute like KnowledgeHut that can help you gain the best certification. 

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