December 1, 2022

The field of physical therapy has a $34 billion value, and it’s constantly on the rise. You stand a chance to have a fulfilling profession that helps people and earns plenty of money if this is your area of interest. 

If you run your own practice, it’s important that you invest in the best equipment you can find. This equipment is your practice’s most important asset and will help you offer impeccable service to your customers. 

Read below to learn all about the physical therapy equipment you’ll need to get started. 

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Equipment for Stretching and Exercises

There are some core items that you’ll need to help patients strengthen their bodies and become more limber to recover from injuries.

Whether you specialize in treating lower back pain due to age and wear, or helping people recover from car accidents, you’ll need equipment that focuses on stretching and physical training. 

Here are some standard equipment options you might consider:

  • Free weights like dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and plates
  • Weight machines for rowing, squats, extensions, and other exercises
  • Resistance bands
  • Rolling sticks and other stretching tools
  • Treadmills and exercise bikes
  • Ultrasound technology to warm up muscles
  • Pool equipment for water-resistance exercises

These equipment options will help people warm up, exercise, recover, and get the best out of their time with you. 

Stations for Massage and Treatment

Massage therapy, chiropractic care, and other treatments are commonplace in the world of physical therapy. Invest in the equipment that you need to set up stations.

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Make sure that you have racks and stations for towels, massage oils, temperature control, and other variables that play into massage therapy. You might need different equipment based on whether you offer deep tissue, shiatsu, or other types of massage. 

Pain Relief Equipment and Technology

When you’re looking to alleviate pain for patients, it’s important that you have the right equipment for the job. More than 20% of patients are living with pain, so spare no expense when it comes to the necessary equipment. 

Purchasing top-notch equipment will assist you in accessing your patients’ muscles, nerves, and tissue to help with pain relief. 

Consider the following options:

  • Tables and stations for deep tissue massage therapy
  • Sturdy athletic training treatment tables
  • Adjustable equipment to support patients of different heights and weights
  • Tape measures for assessing patients’ body types
  • High-tech therapy like cryotherapy

Assess your philosophy for physical therapy and pain relief and purchase the equipment that fits. 

Shop With the Best Equipment Providers

Regardless of which types of equipment you need, it’s important that you only shop with the best equipment providers. Find out what other physical therapy clinics they’ve supplied, and whether your equipment comes with a warranty. 

Figure out how much it’ll cost you to purchase multiple items or products in bulk. Check out quotes for the equipment, and get a protection plan so that you can take care of it. 

Invest in the Right Physical Therapy Equipment

The points above will help you buy the best physical therapy equipment for your line of work. This dictates your company’s ability to heal people, so spare no expense and do your best research. 

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Begin with these tips and check out our other articles to learn more about fitness and business.