December 2, 2022

These days, you can easily find a café in every nook and cranny of the street. From staying afloat in tough competition to knowing the customers’ choices, café owners have many crosses to bear as standing apart from the crowd is not as easy as eating a pie.

Besides offering your customers the best food & beverages at fair prices, what is it that can help you increase footfall in your café? Well, in this digital age, people love to post and share their activities on social media platforms, and for that, they choose cool places with impressive decor that reflects their unique preferences and complements their swanky lifestyle.

Considering this, Arttree has come up with the most appealing wall décor ideas to breathe a new life to your café. These 3 piece wall art prints will revamp your space and renovate it without putting a burden on your pocket. Let’s get cracking! 

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Make it lively

Décor plays a crucial role when it comes to pulling more customers especially when you are in a café business. Pay utmost attention to the walls and style them with funky 3 piece wall art that is relevant and striking to look at. Choose vibrant colors that bring a fresh vibe and energy to the space, thereby making it look lively and vivacious.

Be Different

To stay ahead of your peers, you need to do something different and create your mark. Let these 3 piece wall art prints add a phenomenal charm and grace to your café. Seeing these colorful feathers onto the canvas is a perfect bliss. Having these minimalist prints around harmonizes the atmosphere and also creates an illusion of making the space look airy and uncluttered. Try them, and we bet you won’t regret your decision.

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Moments of Peace

When we hear the word ‘relaxation’, what comes to your mind? We often imagine ourselves sitting on a comfy couch with a cup of Joe & a riveting novel in our hands, isn’t it? Well, create a reading nook for your customers where they can enjoy some quiet, happy moments in your café. To decorate it, you can buy nature-inspired prints that promise to unwind tired minds and keep the stress at bay. Such wall art prints are so serene and picturesque to look at that your customers won’t mind spending hours at your café.

Less is More

Arttree has a huge collection of 3 piece wall art prints for everyone. Whether your choice is classy or quirky, you will get your favorite art styles here in your desired colors and sizes. If you like to keep the ambience of your café subtle and miniscule, then you must opt for geometric patterns with soft palettes. These prints justify the saying- ‘less is more’.

With exquisite art styles and subjects, Arttree has now become Australia’s one of the leading online art studios. We adorn barren walls with immense beauty that one can’t afford to ignore.