December 1, 2022

‘Hybrid’ like the name suggests combines many types of flooring. They combine the best characteristics of every type – the waterproof nature of vinyl, the beauty of hardwoods, and the durability of laminates. The hybrid flooring is known for its high aesthetic value which looks regal, elegant, and stylish whilst offering great durability, resistance, and waterproof nature. Here are some of the benefits you can get from these types of flooring,

They are affordable just because they are hybrid – you would combine various cost-effective materials to make them. They are mostly made up of plastic combined with wood and limestone. This makes them very cheaper compared to the conventional flooring types which use timber or marbles. Hybrid floors mostly use a click and lock system so they are very easy to install in your home. That’s why people prefer these floor types nowadays. The good news is you can also have them over the existing floor as they are fundamentally floating floors. This greatly reduces the cost of preparation and estimates the use of toxic glues.

Since the hybrid floors have mixed compositions, they can be easily printed with so many designs and paints. Many are now using advanced printing technologies that can initiate realistic designs like Australian hardwood timbers, oak timbers, marbles, tiles, or slate. This makes them a great option for people who want to give a stylistic touch to their house with minimal cost. This means that you have a lot of choices – hundreds of colors and designs.

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Most of the floors, especially the timbers and oaks degrade when subjected to water. Fortunately, you don’t have to face it with those hybrid floors. You have a waterproof core board and protective tip that prevents the seepage of water. You can use these in high moisture areas of homes like kitchens, basements, dining halls, or pet homes.

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The plastic or limestone-infused core boards don’t easily expand or contract like other types of flooring. This makes them very suitable for extreme temperatures and harsh environments of Australia.

Maintenance of hybrid floors is very easy as they use the click-lock system. Here you won’t have cracks or crevices which allow the water to get stagnated or dirt to get collected. They are also very flexible and water-resistant, which makes them ten times more resistant than ordinary floors. You can sweep, mop or vacuum without the guilt of hurting your floor!

The hybrid floor is very comfortable when you walk on it. It feels like you are walking on some soft plastic roses or a thermoplastic material. This gives you a nicer sensation when you walk on it and makes you feel very cozy and pleasant.

One of the common drawbacks of ordinary floors is the fading of the colors and designs over years. But the hybrid floors are made of fade-resistant dyes and UV-resistant topcoats which makes them the best and most time-tested friend for householders.

Every hybrid floor is a floating floor that is not installed by using nails or glue but with a click-lock system. They are very easy to install and take apart. If any of your floors are damaged, you can easily repair or reinstall them. The reparations are highly flexible and cost-effective.

We hope that you got a good idea about the benefits of this amazing flooring. If you are planning to install this in your home, go for it as it’s worth the hype!

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