December 2, 2022

You’ve put all your effort into living a healthy lifestyle. You’ve spent countless hours in the gym while committing to clean and healthy eating.

Now you’re a muscular man with an envious physique. Everything seems to be going great for you. Well, apart from one thing— dressing.

Finding clothes that fit well is more of a pain than the aftermath of an intense leg day. You’re not alone. You’ve joined a majority of muscular guys for whom finding fitting clothes is taxing.

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You also need to select styles that complement and enhance your hard-earned muscular build.

So, how do you get the perfect combination of fitting and stylish? Read on for style advice on how to dress your muscular frame and look your best!

Neutrals Always Win

You already have sculpted muscles from diligently working out. Your physique is a head-turner. Wearing bright colors to make a statement is no longer necessary.

Embracing more neutral colors will work better for your style. These colors include more than the popular black and white. Desaturated colors like all shades of grey, navy, and beige also fall under this category.

If you choose to dress only in neutral colors, you will look fashionable every day. These colors are timeless. You could also choose to use these colors as a base.

This allows you to add more versatile colors. Suppose you enjoy dressing in burgundy or you look great in emerald. Both of these colors look splendid with neutral clothes.

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Want a business casual look and wondering how to dress? Pair a white shirt with beige slacks. A weekend outfit?

Throw a white shirt over navy blue jeans. Neutrals work with any occasion.

Wear Fitting Clothes

You are well aware of the challenge that is finding well-fitting clothes. Most muscular guys believe that oversized clothes are the best alternative to accommodate their big muscles. This misconception robs you of the chance to show off all your hard work.

In recent times, people have become more health-conscious. The outcome of this fitness wave is an increased demand for fitting clothing for buff people. The fashion industry has catered to this need by designing muscle-fit shirts.

These pieces are in different sizes to fit every muscular man. The shirts make your muscles noticeable while not looking like a size too small. The best fashion advice you can get is to balance the fit of your clothes for the upper and lower body.

You can find the perfect fit by locating the right brand. Sizes vary immensely among different clothing brands. Find a brand that has clothes for muscular men in your size.

The best size is the one that fits your waist, arms, shoulders, and chest uniformly.

Keep It Light on the Layers

With a muscular physique, you do not need to add any excess bulk. Dress in lighter outerwear and sweaters. Avoid chunky knitted clothes or quilted jackets.

These types of heavy clothes hide your muscular frame. Your body shape gets lost in the bulk and you end up looking shapeless.

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Avoiding bulky outerwear does not mean you need to freeze. There is a better, more stylish, alternative. Go for layers instead.

But, make sure you keep the layers light. You can make use of items like long sleeve shirts, turtlenecks, and light sweaters. Finally, you can add a thin overcoat to complete the stylish look.

A cashmere trench coat is thin enough to give you that fitting look. Avoid thicker materials like tweed. If you are going for a casual look, a leather jacket will do the trick. Following these style tips will have you looking stylish while keeping warm.

Tailor Your Outfits

Enlisting the services of a reliable tailor is the best bet to looking stylish for the muscular man. You might want to dress in a specific piece that your chosen brand does not stock. Other times you might have not yet found the perfect fit for you in ordinary clothing stores.

A tailor solves all these issues. They can design and present you with customized clothes that fit perfectly. With a tailor, you are sure of getting clothes that make a statement.

Apart from improving your fashion, tailors can provide help in other ways. You might get even more muscular as you keep doing your workouts. Your previously fitting clothes will be unwearable.

Maybe you don’t wish to get an entirely new wardrobe. A tailor can help you out. They can alter your existing clothes to fit your new physique.

Stripes Are an Asset

Every person can rock stripes as long as they pick the correct one for their physique. The location and size of the stripes are vital in looking stylish. For the muscular man, printed clothes are not flattering.

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Instead, you should go for stripes. They have the advantage of making it look like something is broader or lengthier than its actual size. For those who want to look taller, vertical stripes are the way to go.

Horizontal stripes are effective in making someone look more muscular. Depending on your desired goal, you can choose the best kind of stripe pattern for you. Including a few stripes in your cloth options is an asset for all fashionable men.

There are some things to avoid when wearing stripes. The stripes on your shirt and tie must vary in breadth. In doing so, you keep these patterns from looking mismatched.

If you are going for a casual pairing, go for thicker stripes. Other fashion tips such as this advice can give you more information on key pieces to add to your collection.

Style Advice for the Muscular Man

Gym clothes usually consist of a t-shirt and some gym shorts. But what do you dress in outside of the gym? It can be challenging to get the correct style and fit.

However, considering some style tips can make the process easier and more enjoyable. As a muscular man make sure you go for neutrals and fitting clothes. You should also layer light, seek the services of a good tailor, and experiment with stripes.

Now you’re armed with the best information to create a stylish wardrobe. To read more on fashion and style, keep browsing this page!