October 1, 2022

The arrival of your product is highly anticipated. You feel the enthusiasm rising as you long for the package to arrive at its final destination.

Unfortunately, you’re left waiting in anticipation once a truck arrives at your front door without the cargo that you’re anticipating.

Something went wrong, and now you’re left to wonder what could’ve prevented this misfortune. With a few key tips and insights, you can prevent the tragedy of poor shipping rates.

Not sure how to begin? We’ve got you covered. Here are the flatbed shipping rates to keep in mind for 2022.

Distance of Shipment

The distance that the shipment will be traveling affects the flatbed shipping cost. The longer the distance, the higher the shipping rate will be. 

Reputable flatbed shipping companies like ITG Transportation also follow this rule. For example, if you are shipping a load from California to New York, the rate will be different than if you are shipping the same load from New York to California.

If the shipping distance is 1000 miles, the shipping rate will be around $100. If the shipping distance is 2000 miles, the shipping rate will be around $200. 

Size of the Load

The size of the load typically determines how much is flatbed shipping. Also, the size of the load varies by the type of flatbed trailer and the number of axles on the trailer. The most common type of flatbed trailer is a 53′ trailer with two axles.

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This type of trailer can carry up to 48,000 lbs of freight. The next type of flatbed trailer is a 48′ trailer with three axles. This type of trailer can carry up to 44,000 lbs of freight. The bigger the load, the more it will cost to ship.

Weight of the Load

Flatbed shipping rates are based on the weight of the load being shipped. The heavier the load, the higher the shipping rate will be. This is because heavier loads are more difficult to transport and require more manpower and resources.

Therefore, if you are shipping a heavy load, you can expect to pay a higher shipping rate. For example, a load that is 10,000 pounds or more will have a higher shipping rate than a load that is 9,000 pounds. 

Time of the Year

In 2022, the expected average cost of shipping a 20×48-foot flatbed will be $1,852 per trip. The cost will vary depending on the time of year, with the highest rates occurring during the summer months.

Due to the increased demand for freight services, June, July, and August are typically the most expensive months for flatbed shipping. Rates will also be lower during the fall and winter months when demand is typically lower.

To take the benefits of flatbed shipping, always keep in mind that when planning a shipment, rates can fluctuate significantly from one season to the next. Remember that shipping rates are typically higher during the summer months when demand is higher.

Understanding Flatbed Shipping Rates Matters

We now know that flatbed shipping rates are expected to rise due to an increase in fuel prices and demand for shipping services. Even so, there are ways to minimize the impact of these increases on your business.

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It’s crucial to understand how flatbed shipping rates are calculated. By understanding the nuances of flatbed rates, you can better negotiate rates with your carrier.

When it comes to flatbed shipping, always remember to get multiple quotes and to work with a reputable carrier.

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