November 29, 2022

With more individuals taking to regular workouts, the market catering to gym wear and accessories has witnessed a great boom. Multiple brands make a variety of leggings catering to different styles and activities.

Gym leggings have become an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe. They come in various colours, patterns, fit, and fabric options which provides women with a wide range to choose from to suit their requirements. The suitable leggings give women the comfort and freedom to jump, kick, workout, and run without hesitation.

 What does the right pair of leggings mean?

Adequately fitted leggings provide the right amount of snugness and hug the body without causing any discomfort. It allows you to move your body efficiently and provides you with the full range of motion needed for various activities.

They should not bunch up, ride down, irritate, chafe, or cause you also the slightest indication of camel toe. If you carry any items with you when performing a particular activity, the leggings should offer enough pocket space, which is easily accessible. In addition to this, they should make you feel and look good just as any other outfit does.

Factors to consider when choosing leggings

Comfort and fit of the waistband

The waistband plays a crucial role in evaluating leggings’ comfort and secure fit during workouts. High-rise waisted leggings are preferred as they do not move and provide added comfort.

The best way to test the efficiency of the waistband is to mimic the actions of the workout you intend to do in those pairs of leggings. This helps provide an accurate idea of the coverage and comfort during the actual training.

 Quality of fabric

The quality is a deciding factor as it helps analyse the extent to which the legging is see-through. The squat test is the most preferred manner to test this aspect. Women tend to do squats to check the transparency of leggings.

Women tend to buy leggings that provide extreme comfort even if it does not pass the squat test. These are used for regular everyday activities as opposed to when working out.


When indulging in high-intensity workouts, your gym leggings need to stay in place. The waistband plays a massive role in this factor as well. It is not the right fit if you constantly must adjust your leggings or keep pulling them up.


Always try the leggings to see where they fall. The length that is convenient for you depends on your height. Short women prefer crop leggings as they do not bunch up around the knees.

Tall women usually tend to have a separate selection in most brands that sell leggings specifically designed, keeping their height in mind.

Ease of wearing and taking it off

The seams tend to rip through while wearing and taking off leggings if they are not the right fit for you. This leads to an uncomfortable experience every time you try to put them on.

Additionally, the constant pulling at the seams leads to a decrease in the life of the leggings. It also becomes increasingly difficult to take these off after a workout.

Moisture management

Specific colours and fabrics tend to display your sweat in an enhanced manner. Lighter colours usually tend to show sweat more when compared to darker ones. The leggings need to dry easily and quickly without leaving behind any odour.

This way, women can go about their lives after a workout. To test this, note how sweaty the leggings are after a heavy workout and how long it takes for them to dry.

Added features

Leggings with pockets and built-in drawstrings are beneficial during specific workouts. Women who regularly indulge in yoga look for extra stretchiness in their leggings, while those that run more often prefer a tight compressive fit and material.


Various trends have emerged when it comes to women’s leggings. They have gone from being just a staple to clothing that adds character to the overall look and feel. The right pair of leggings help women feel confident while working out. This dramatically impacts their mood, and it reflects in their workout.

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