November 29, 2022

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that medication has made life easier. From breath taking cough to thumping headaches, everything can be managed with an over the counter medicine without consulting the doctor. Even though this does not mean you should prefer self medication over professional consultation, consulting a doctor for every minor discomfort is neither possible nor feasible for everyone. This is why having good quality, effective, and essential over the counter medication in your first aid kit is highly recommended.

To make it easier for you to stock the right and important medicines in your cabinet for emergencies, we have made a list of must have medicines that do not require prescription.

Cough and Cold

Beginning with one of the most common issues in Indian households, cold affects people of almost every age. Cough and cold are pretty common conditions and are generally experienced by the majority during the change in the season every year. Someone who has experienced cough and cold would know how difficult it can get to talk, breathe, sleep, eat, or even laugh. Proper care and medication is important to manage the symptoms that can otherwise lead to serious or chronic health conditions.

Keeping medications designed for both cough and cold, as well for the issues separately is advised. Additionally, syrups and medication that can make one sleepy should also be kept in store for days when it gets difficult to sleep because of itchy throat or blocked nose.

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Pills, capsules, syrups, topical ointments, inhalers, and candies are commonly used to treat cough and cold. 

Head and Body Aches

Headaches and body aches are other common issues in Indian households and are experienced by almost everyone for different reasons. There are several over the counter medications available for aches. Depending on the age of the patient the strength and salts of the medication recommended may change. This is why it is recommended to have medicines of different salts and strengths in your medicine cabinet all the time. This can also help in managing mild and severe headaches appropriately.

Again, medications for headache and bodyache come in different forms and can be consumed in a number of ways. Most common formulations are pills, gel, spray, and cream.

Digestion Related Issues 

Stomach aches, gas, constipation, loose motions or any other digestion related issue one can imagine can affect one anytime. Having proper medication to deal with these issues in its initial stages can save one from the weakness and pain that follows.

Though digestion related issues can be a symptom of a bigger issue, taking first aid can still help in reducing the severity of the symptoms.

Every digestion related issue requires a different medication. So there should be a separate medicine for stomach ache, loose motion, gas, and constipation. The formulation for stomach related issues generally include pills, capsules, syrups, and candies.

Rashes and Bug Bites

Ointments, lotions, creams and medications for rashes, and bug bites to avoid inflammation, irritation, and redness is an absolute necessity. Skin related issues like rashes and bug bites can intensify with time and lead to serious problems if left untreated. Calamine lotions are most commonly used to treat rashes and bug bites. The cool, soothing formula of the lotion can offer instant relief from itching, irritation, redness, and burning sensation.

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Cuts and Injuries

Getting injured within the household is more common than you think. The injuries are usually minor and can be managed at home in most cases but in case it is unmanageable,seeking professional help is highly recommended. Ointments and creams are used commonly to treat minor cuts and injuries and both these products, because of their different formulation, serve different purposes. Lotions or creams are water soluble and should be used after the wound is cleaned and dried. Ointments, on the other hand, can be applied before shower or getting into water. This means having both formulations stored in the medicine cabinet is a must. In addition to that, band aid, bandages, and wound cleaning agents are also important.

Final Words

Stocking these essential medicines in every first aid kit one has is extremely important as it can come handy in situations where getting professional help can be difficult. However, it is important to invest in good quality medicines especially when you are relying on them for your health. Learn More onVivaceutical, in this case, is a trusted company that offers a range of high quality pharmaceuticals at reasonable prices.