December 2, 2022

Are you looking for ways to make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable? Then it would help if you considered using flyers, which are still an effective way of finding out about specials. 

What makes flyers a great tool is that any shopper can use them, regardless of where they are. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, professional, car dealer, or DIY & Home Improvement person, you can always count on flyers to help you find discounts. Here are some of the benefits of using a flyer to shoppers:

  1. Flyers are accessible 

Flyers are one of the most accessible tools for enhancing shopping and marketing products right now. There are many free applications that retailers can use to design a flyer. From there, they can print it and make as many copies as they like. Plus, retailers will get two options for distributing a flyer: in a physical or digital format. This way, retailers will reach as many shoppers as they like.  

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  1. You’ll know which products are on special

Perhaps another advantage of using flyers is that you’ll know which products are special. You may ask retailers questions there and then. Or contact them immediately after receiving a pamphlet, especially if a business person will be handing out flyers in person. This immediate reaction will improve the overall customer service and product offering. 

  1. Flyers are reader-friendly 

One significant advantage of using flyers is that they are easy to read to you as a shopper. Because retailers will be using more graphics and less text, you will scan a flyer within a second and understand their product or service offering immediately. In addition, flyers allow retailers to experiment with colors and make them attractive to the eye. Hence, most shoppers won’t hesitate to pick up a flyer any time. 

  1. Flyers support using QR codes
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 If you prefer using flyers only online, you can add a QR code to the flyer to allow and integrate more information and make it reasonably easy for you to make buying decisions on your mobile devices. What’s good about using flyer QR codes is that they allow you to boost your print marketing, redirect shoppers like you to the website, and boost in-store traffic.

A typical QR flyer will have the following:

  • A catchy title.
  • A short description of your product offering.
  • The QR Code.

Your favorite retailer can incorporate flyers into their digital marketing campaigns and allow shoppers to share them with friends. Check Loblaws Flyer and see how many specials do they promote.