August 17, 2022

Did you know that people spend an average of 6 hours a week cleaning their homes in the United States? 

Much of this time is spent on things like sweeping, dishes, and vacuuming. There are also large cleaning tasks that take up this time too.

If you want to have more time to spend with your family, you should try simplifying the grout cleaning process, which can be long and gruesome. 

Continue reading to discover some of the best tips for cleaning grout that will save you time and money! 

1. Protect Yourself

One of the first tips for cleaning grout is to protect yourself.

Cleaning grout can involve powerful chemicals and brushes, these can cause skin reactions. To protect yourself from the chemicals, make sure that you wear thick gloves that are suitable for the products you are using. 

You should also wear goggles or glasses to keep chemicals, dirt, and soapy water from splashing into your eyes. If you have problems with arthritis, you should consider wearing knee and elbow pads. 

2. Let the Product Work

When it comes to grout cleaning, you can spend a lot of time on your hands and knees trying to scrub out the dirt.

Instead of using all of this energy, you should let the product work. Most people don’t realize it but cleaning products have directions to leave the product on for 10-20 minutes before wiping it off.

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Letting the product sit will save you time and energy, it will also require less use of products because you are using them more efficiently. 

3. Start Simple

Warm water and soap can make a big difference on grout and you don’t have to worry about using harmful products. 

Tile and group cleaning can be done with a small brush, water, and soap. This method of cleaning will lift oil, dirt, and grime quicker than other cleaning solutions. The soap won’t leave a film on the floor, so you won’t have to worry about slipping either! 

Most people find that soapy water can clean their grout to their liking. Fortunately, if you still aren’t satisfied, you paved the way so that cleaning products can get in the grout pores. The soap cleans away the top layers making it easier for the cleaning products to work. 

4. Try Vinegar 

If you want to know how to clean grout with products you already have, you should try vinegar.

White or cleaning vinegar can be used in a solution to clean the floors and get the grout looking good as new. All you need to do is mix the vinegar with warm water and clean the grout with a strong-bristled brush. 

This is an effective way of cleaning grout. Unfortunately, the solution can leave an unpleasant smell from the vinegar. It is best to clean with vinegar on days that you can open the windows or light a candle. 

5. Call the Professionals

If your cleaning tactics aren’t working to clean the grout, you should consider hiring professionals. 

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Learning the details of a company can help you discover if they can get your grout cleaned. Steaming companies and cleaning services typically offer grout cleaning at affordable rates. This is a great idea if you don’t have any time or energy to spare.

Hiring a professional cleaning company will also open up the time you would spend cleaning.

6. Find a Good Brush 

Much like cleaning products, brushes aren’t all made the same and some can relieve work for you. 

Try to look for a brush that is comfortable to hold and won’t leave you with bruises or blisters. A short handle with sturdy brushes is recommended. You can get brushes with metal bristles, copper wires, or plastic. 

If you aren’t sure which brush will work best on your grout, you might have to try a couple of different styles. 

7. Grab Your Baking Soda

Most people keep baking soda in the house to keep things fresh in the fridge and freezer or for baking.

Baking soda can also be used for cleaning! If the vinegar isn’t quite strong enough for your grout, add some baking soda to see if it gets better. The baking soda mixed with vinegar will create a paste that you can thin out and spray or apply directly to the grout.

Baking soda has whitening properties that can help clean stubborn stains and discoloration. 

8. Go to the Medicine Cabinet 

Another common household product that can be used to clean the grout is hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide can get rid of moderate stains, especially right after they occur. You can try using hydrogen peroxide with a brush and water or mix it with baking soda to create a powerful paste. Never mix hydrogen peroxide with the vinegar, as it can be harmful to the skin and lungs. 

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9. Use Bleach

Most people recommend only using bleach sparingly.

Bleach is a strong product that can cause stains in unwanted areas, skin irritations, and difficulty breathing. You can mix water with bleach to help dilute it and should wear gloves when using the product. 

If you plan to use bleach, don’t mix it with ammonia. The combination of ammonia (commonly found in window cleaning solutions) and bleach can be fatal. 

10. Steam Clean

Finding an eco-friendly way of cleaning stubborn grout stains can be difficult.

Fortunately, floor cleaners that use steam power are effective and fun to use. You don’t need to apply harmful chemicals on your floors to pick up the stains, you will only need to fill the canister with water.

This is a fun way to clean the floor because it produces steam, just be careful that you don’t burn yourself! 

Make Cleaning Grout Easy

People spend hours cleaning grout, only to be sore and exhausted at the end. 

This can be frustrating when you have to clean the grout every week or two and don’t have the time or energy. These tips will help you save energy by letting the products do the work, which requires less strain on you. 

Don’t be afraid to get help from cleaning companies if the stains are stubborn and taking up your time. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about grout cleaning and keeping your home fresh and tidy!